Butterfly and Jewelry.

Butterfly symbolizes youth and dynamism in Far East culture. In ancient Greece, it symbolizes the influence of the soul on the body and the great changes that this effect creates. In ancient wisdom, the Butterfly is a direct symbol of the soul, symbolizing the freedom, lightness and grace of the soul.

Today, butterflies, symbolizing freedom, innocence and purity, are the expression of pure love. Just as a butterfly matures in its cocoon and then flies away, butterfly jewelry, which represents the maturation and winging of love, is a highly preferred figure to represent maturation of love.

Because the butterfly has a sensitive structure, it also represents the sensitivity of the woman. It is believed that she is the figure that best represents the female spirit, which has a delicate and gentle nature.

The butterfly figure, furnished with blue stones, has a different meaning. The blue butterfly means rebirth or second birth. Blue butterflies, which make food for themselves by only placing on the flowers in the grave, have therefore inspired the butterfly jewelry with a blue background.

In the most general sense, the meaning of the butterfly necklace is that it represents the stirrings that occur within us when we fall in love. For this reason, when we find a love that will make us feel agitated, the first jewelry figure that comes to our mind to express it will be a butterfly.