Our Story

A Tale of Craftmanship and Love

Anatolia has housed civilizations for 5000 years, including Babylonian, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. 

This enriched collection of cultures is what Fine Modern Jewelry brings to its customers. Our handmade  silver jewelry is an experience, a lifestyle, a feeling of history and heritage diversified with modern  designs. A unique piece of society and tradition is translated to each product through handiwork.

Crafted so finely, with only the highest quality materials, you can rely on our jewelry. You won’t ever have to  worry about your favorite pieces rusting or peeling.

Founded by experienced engineers and designers with a distinctive vision, Fine Modern Jewelry is a new outlook on refined silver jewelry

Fine Modern Jewelry

We are family owned company living in Plano, Tx. We ship all the jewelry from Texas to all US and Canada. Please contact us for international shipping.