Evil Eye : Is it New or Antique?

In the world, the evil eye served as the most common protector against mystical evil forces, evil eyes.

In recent years, the evil eye has also entered the fashion world. While Kim Kardashian has been featured many times with her evil eye bead jewelry, model Gigi Hadid announced last year that she will produce "Eye" themed shoes.

Although these new attempts seem to increase the popularity of the evil eye, this symbol has actually preserved its place in the imagination of people for thousands of years.

In order to understand how the evil eye emerged, it is necessary to first understand the difference between the evil eye bead and the evil eye. It is believed that the evil eye bead in the shape of an eye acts as a protector against the 'evil eye'. What lies behind the evil eye is the feeling of envy and jealousy.

Frederick Thomas Elworthy's research on the evil eye shows that the symbol of the evil eye is found in Irish tales as well as in Greeks, and it also appears in religious books such as the Bible and the Qur'an, despite its pagan context.

Cursed Glances

The 1st century Greek philosopher Plutarch offered a scientific explanation for this, according to himself: The human eye sometimes emitted an invisible ray that could kill small children or animals. In some people living in the south of the Black Sea, the evil eye was stronger. It was mostly believed in the evil eye of people with blue eyes. This is attributed to the fact that blue eye is a genetically rare condition in the Mediterranean.

The belief that one look could bring so much curse was so widespread that it led these ancient civilizations to seek protection from it and brought the evil eye bead to the agenda.

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