Our Sensitivity to the Environment

As Fine Modern Jewelry (FiMoJe), we regard all transactions using paper as a problem for our environment and our world. That's why we continue to take all steps to minimize paper usage with determination.

So What Are We Doing?

  1. First of all, we do not use conventional cardboard boxes for product packaging, as noticed by our customers who purchase products from us. Because we know that cardboard is a form of packaging that maximizes the use of paper. Instead, we prefer recycled plastic packaging that will protect the product until it reaches the customer.
  2. Although we know it's not as effective as paper coupons and brochures, we still prefer to send coupon codes and campaigns that we want to send to our customers who purchase products, electronically or via our social media channels (facebook, Instagram, pinterest, e-mail).
  3. We prefer methods that will minimize the use of paper in product labeling and package labeling in our warehouse.
  4. Since we expect the same sensitivity from our suppliers, we want the orders we receive from them to reach us with minimum paper usage. They help us a lot in this regard.
  5. We share documents and reports among our company employees in a completely digital environment. We are happy to state that we have not used even a single page on this subject.
  6. We keep all our archive records in secure digital platforms.
  7. We reuse the cardboard boxes coming from our suppliers or send them for recycling.

Why Are We Telling This?

Because we believe that protecting the environment can be achieved with the joint effort of people from all walks of life, and we take it as our duty to spread this awareness.

We also want everyone to know the reason why our shipments don't contain cardboard boxes.